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Frequently Asked Questions


Parkour is a sport and activity in which participants move through an environment quickly and efficiently. Parkour utilizes fluid and controlled jumps, vaults, and climbing to navigate over and around walls, rails, and other various obstacles. In addition, Parkour movements are used with flips and tricks to develop a more creative path, with the same principles.

Parkour reaches into and beyond the physical realm, it helps develop strong work ethic, focus, confidence, discipline, strength, body awareness, creativity, community, and much more.

At Move to Inspire, we believe Parkour is THE way to understand yourself in many ways. The way to discover new things about yourself, the way you move, and the way to become better and more useful.

?Aerial Arts?is an activity in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from an aerial apparatus such as aerial silk, hammock, or lyra.

Tricking?is a training discipline that combines kicks with flips and twists. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of ?tricks?.

Classes start with an in depth warm up and move into a main lesson that focuses on introducing and practicing skills and movements. We end with a short work out, cool down and stretch.

Something comfortable to move in!

Typically any athletic shoes with a sticky rubber bottom will work. Ideally a shoe with minimal thickness, that is light and flexible works best. This way you can feel the obstacles under your feet.

We believe that ANYONE can do Parkour. We take your abilities from where you are at and build blocks of movement on top of it. It can start as simple as balance and strength building and develop from there! We would love to talk to you about how we can help you be better at movement and help you get into shape and feeling healthy. Contact us at 970.812.0163 or email us at