Our Instructors & Staff 


We are proud to say that the most important quality of each of our instructors, is that they care. Move to Inspire instructors are all developing their individual skills and abilities as athletes, therefore each one has the student’s best interest at heart. All instructors are CPR/First Aid Certified and have a minimum of 2 years of intensive movement training. To find out more about each of these experienced instructors, click on their pictures below.


“I’m Mikaila- I have been training at Move To Inspire for almost 3 years and have loved it ever since. Parkour had never even crossed my mind until a friend mentioned that there was a gym in town. I checked it out, and it soon became something I looked forward to every week. Progressing quickly, I was offered a job teaching and gladly accepted. Through teaching, I hope to encourage and help people understand just how skilled they can become and how capable they already are. Movement and parkour have blessed me greatly, and I hope to inspire many others who share this awesome passion.”


“I have been very blessed in my movement abilities, and the path it has taken me. I started training Parkour 9 years ago. Within the 9 years of training I’ve had the opportunities to become a professional Parkour athlete and travel the US and world teaching workshops, performing, and competing. All of this experience led me to open up a Parkour training facility of my own with Trevor Rittenhouse. The first official Parkour facility on the Western Slope of Colorado, Move to Inspire. I hope to continue pushing my personal abilities and through Move to Inspire, others as well. I want to help inspire and reach as many individuals as I can to help them achieve their goals, build confidence, and learn as much about themselves and how to help others as possible.”