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Level 1-4 | Little Hops


(New students start here)

Parkour Level 1 breaks down all of the fundamental Parkour training and fitness. The skills learned in this class will be the core of your Parkour training and fitness. We take an in-depth and progressive look at the dynamics of Parkour. We focus on linking the mental and physical training that develops your Parkour skills. You will learn how to land, fall, and roll properly, along with specific jumps, cat leaps, and vaults. Within this program, we will also teach about the history and philosophies that follow with Parkour training.

Students will move into Level 2 based on skill completion. Students will receive a white Genesis Band and a yellow Light Band in Level 1.

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Prerequisite: Parkour Level 1 completion & Light Band.

In Level 2 students start to take the fundamentals to the next level and develop their technique and skill, as well as the combination of movements and the introduction to acrobatic type movements. Students must complete Level 1 to attend this class.



Prerequisite: Space Band is Required.

In Level 3 students begin to implement acrobatic style movements in with parkour movements. We emphasize the development of understanding more about the movements they’ve learned so far, along with adding new technically difficult skills, drills, combinations, and lines. Students must complete Level 2 to attend this class.



Prerequisite: Galaxy Band is Required.

In Level 4 students will begin to take their movement to a new direction with challenging movements, combinations, and technical drills that will push their bodies and minds. Students will learn more advanced Parkour techniques as well as the addition of more advanced acrobatic movements and start to develop their own style and creativity. Students must complete Level 3 test to attend this class.

Additional Programs

Little Hops

Ages 4 – 6  |  45 Minute Classes

This class is designed to teach your child the fundamentals of parkour and movement in a fun and creative class environment. With an introduction to exercises for balance, grip strength, landing, falling, and obstacle courses your child will gain an understanding of movement and proprioception. It also helps develop character and self-control. These principles are great to teach children at a young age.