Memberships & Pricing



*You have 2 months to complete 8 intro classes. Come once a week on the same day, or twice a week.

Upon completion, students move to level 1.



After completing an intro program, students move to a member.

18+ start with a membership and do not go through an intro program.



Class Drop-In – $20

Open Gym Drop-In – $10



As we are finding new ways to adapt and get through this season, we have decided to offer something to look forward to when the gym is able to open back up. As you may have heard, we are transitioning into a new space with ALL new equipment and build-out. In order to do this, we need to stay open!

By purchasing one of the memberships ahead of time, you will be helping us stay open, and secure a membership for our current space and our future space as well. By purchasing any of the membership options below, you will be helping us push towards an exciting future at Move to Inspire. Thank you for your incredible support.