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Terms & Policies?

Our Terms & Policies?

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New Pay Schedule

Starting October 1st, 2018. All payments for class tuition will be due on the 1st of the month. This will help us track your classes better and help you track when to pay easier! You can still start whenever you?d like, but classes will be prorated for the month. (This excludes Intro Memberships, 3 and 6 month Memberships)

Event Sign Ups

Our new policy for event sign ups is as follows.

  • Pre-Registration price will be at a normal rate.
  • Within 3 Days Prior to Event the price will increase.
  • Day of Sign Ups the Price will increase.
  • Refunds unavailable within 3 days after event.
Auto Enrollment

We now offer auto-enrollment!? By signing up for auto-enrollment you agree to pay your bill on the 1st of the month drafted from an account of your choosing. You can cancel at any time, but it must be requested in writing(email is okay) or at the front desk within three days of the payment due (1st of the month).

Yearly Registration

For insurance purposes, we will be implementing a yearly registration fee of $35 per member starting September 2018.

Late Payments

We will allow students to participate in classes with a maximum of 2 owed classes. Beyond that the student will not be able to participate until paid for.

Absences, Sickness and Vacations.

MAKE UP POLICY:?If your child will be absent from class please notify us in advance, otherwise we cannot permit them a make-up class. A student is then allowed to make-up a missed class during the current month.

Make-ups are scheduled via email, by calling in a request, or speaking to an instructor in-person. When scheduling a make-up class the following is required: child?s full name, class date and time being made-up, class day and time requested for make-up. If you do not reach personnel when calling, please leave a message and we?ll get back with you promptly!

*Calling and scheduling a make-up class does not guarantee availability. If there is availability in the class, your child will be allowed to participate based on where they fall on the make-up wait list. If the class has full enrollment but there is an absence, the first person on the wait list will be allowed to participate.

Absences are not transferable from one month to the next. We encourage your child to be as consistent as possible to ensure their safety and improvement in our program!

For long term absences we offer an account hold or freeze. This will extend your membership for however long you will be gone.

These terms are completely based around communication and is up to the customer to keep open communication about student absences.


In order to be eligible for a full refund, it must be requested by email within 1 week of the class start date. After that, classes must be attended and no refund will be provided.

No refunds will be provided for membership drops after 2 weeks into the membership period. We may provide an account credit.